Can I make returns or exchanges?

  • Since all of our ears are handmade just for you, we are unable to accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.  If you have a question or concern about your items, please send us an email at marymouseandco@gmail.com.

When will I receive my ears in the mail?

  • Our current turnaround time stands at approximately 3-4 weeks.  We will do our best to ship out your ears to you ASAP, but please be kind to the USPS while they deal with current shipping issues.

What are cl(ears) made out of?

  • We use epoxy resin with added UV inhibitors to keep your ears stable in the sun- however, please do not expose your ears to direct sunlight for elongated periods of time.  They will be fine on your head in the parks, but no car dashboards or luggage left in the heat!

How durable are your ears?

  • Resin is a very strong material once cured.  We recommend being gentle with them, as a fall onto concrete could result in small chips or scrapes, but normal wear and tear is not an issue.  An in-depth care card is included with your ears!

What if the ears I want sell out?

  • We try to keep the classics in stock as much as possible, but since each pair is individually made, they take time!  We do not take custom orders, but if you send us an email with a request for an out of stock style we will see what we can do.  Glitter is distracting, so we often try new things and might only have one pair of any given style.